5 thoughts on “Bent not Broken – Short Circuit Bending Documentary”

  1. The world is fortunate to have the likes of Spunky TOOFERs!!!
    This Video really put a smile on my face.

  2. For those of you who are wondering where that Circuit Bending workshop is taking place in the movie – It was one of the free workshops organized and conducted by Patrick McCarthy of The Rubber Monkey Puppet Company, The G.O.A.T., and Roth Mobot.

  3. hey thanks, just found out about this website. i featured a link to this on my blog, hope you don’t mind.
    it seems if these circuit bending tutorial videos were like a class in college, that they would all be at the same intro course level. maybe that’s all that is needed and then people take that and go their separate ways. not sure, i’ll ponder that one.

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