Big it up for Creme Dementia

Creme Dementia

Please give a big round of applause for Austin aka Creme Dementia, who recently joined the GetLoFi massive as a contributor of in-depth articles. His street cred stems from life-long involvement in music, most notably as part of the duo Honkeys With Privileges or HWP where he jams on keyboards, drum machines, auto-harp, and spits mad rhymes! His current project Creme Dementia, tapped the ass of Minneapolis Bent Festival in 2008 and many shows around Mid-West prior. Austin’s explorations in the field of circuit bending began after a conversion by the Rev. Patrick McCarthy of Roth Mobot. In real life he enjoys circuit bending, thrift store shopping, wearing t-shirts with his name, drawing comics, and drinking 40s with the old lady. Welcome aboard!

5 thoughts on “Big it up for Creme Dementia”

  1. Cool article.
    Contributing writer………awesome!!!!!
    Nice BENDING too!

    Can I have that little BLUE BOX w/ switches????Just kidding…….Kind of……..

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