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Radio Air Play With MAXBENDER


Maxbender will be co-hosting/special guesting on Multiplex w/Laura on May 21 @ 7-8 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time USA). There will be a link for anyone who wants to, to listen in live to the broadcast available via their web-page. Maxbender will be talking about circuit bending and playing tracks from artists in the bending community. Some of the music will include Creme DeMentia, Igloo Martian, Wrongbot, Potar, Maxbender, and Life as Number Five just to name a few. Be sure to tune in to see what else Maxbender has up his spaceship for the night. Sounds like a great way to spend an otherwise arid Thursday.


Free Music Friday presents…97701

97701 is a simple compilation with a complex underside. 97701 is not just some random number, pulled from a monkey’s underside. 97701 is the zip-code for a town in the state of Oregon (USA)…that oddly enough is named Bend. So it was only fitting to name this weeks release after an obscure town, that only has the coolest name ever! This week we welcome Henrique Iwao from Sao Paulo Brazil! This is the first time Henrique has been on one of these Free Music Friday releases. He makes an amazing entrance onto things with his track titled “nihil obstat – fafa#sol”. You might also be speculating over this weeks sleeve art. You might have been right if you guessed that Int_routine did another bang up job on this weeks art work. This is the second piece of art Jason has submitted for the compilation series. Now please…go and enjoy this crazy good compilation, it’s free!

97701 – Download Zip

“The Definition of Bent”…As Defined by Free Music Friday


by Rodney

The definition of “Bent” sure has changed a lot for me in the past few years. I guess rather than me tell you what I think it means, I’d rather have you listen to the latest compilation, curated by Tiger Claw Records for Free Music Friday. I think after a good listen and a tall glass of milk, you’ll have no trouble coming up with your own definition of “Bent”. This time around the compilation series for Getlofi has brought us several new artist to share their definition of “Bent”. We are happy to have The 201 Files, univac, 10KoneKt, PlayBoy’s Bend, and Bumcivilian for the first time on a compilation. As well the release features some favorites like Bitcrusher, Bureau of Nonstandards, life as number five, Igor Amokian, StuKtur, Dr. Rek, Roth Mobot, Igloo Martian, Talking Computron, and Wrongbot. So you can pretty much some up that this release has serious definition of the word “Bent”. This release also features a new artist doing the cover design for the first time in Tiger Claw’s existence. Jason from Int_Routine was gracious enough to design the layout for the release. A very unique technique was used by Jason to create the sleeve of the CD. He used a camera he modified by circuit bending a mini USB keychain camera. Jason says “I think it was about 10 bucks at Fleet Farm. All I did was short a couple of connections on the circuit board. I didn’t add any switches, potentiometers, etc. I didn’t even solder the connections, just taped them down with scotch tape. I was out in the field without access to a soldering iron, so I just pieced it together with what I had available at the time. It was guerrilla bending.” He also mentioned he did the same thing to a webcam but it caused his laptop to crash. You might remember Jason had an installation at Bentfest MPLS last year, where his work was shown using this technique. So this album is close to being 100% bent sort of speak. Now if I can just figure out how to short circuit the printer and paper I use to print the sleeve we might have something here. Enjoy!

The Definition of Bent – Download Zip

Free music Friday presents…LIFE AS NUMBER FIVE, HOCUS POCUS


Here is a full length release from Life As Number Five. Other releases include Tiger Claw Records split release with Albino Ghost Monkey and various compilation tracks, but this is the first solo album release from  Life as Number Five. Hocus Pocus features tracks with Michael Una, Wire Here, and a sampling of Igor Amokian’s R2D2 Bend. I guess all I can say is I hope you find it magical!

Life as Number Five – Hocus Pocus Download

Free music Friday presents…BENT OUT OF SHAPE


Another commanding compilation for Friday’s Free Music Download! This time around we managed to collar two new artists for the comp. Well…they aren’t exactly new to bending, but to the compilation series, I believe this is their first appearance. We welcome veteran Circuit Bending artist’s and Chicago natives, Roth Mobot, along with our South American amigo Pan&Tone from Brazil! They combine tracks with 8 other artist, making BENT OUT OF SHAPE an album you might not be able to maintain existence without!


They are simply known as…WRONGBOT!


Interview By: Rodney Clark

I’ve known The Circuit Ben Reaction now for a year and keep in touch through the net. I know he’s crazy about bending like most of us, but when you take that kind of love and multiply it by two…well, it’s just wrong…or um…WRONGBOT! I sent a few questions to Ben and Luke of Wrongbot to satisfy my curiosity and well…to get some new info up for all of us bored kinds to read…

Q: So Wrongbot might sound like a new name to many of the circuit bent fans, but actually one of the founding members is Circuit Ben, from The Circuit Ben Reaction. Could you tell us who else teams up in this project and how you both decided to get the music flowing?

Luke – Wrongbot is the collaborative moniker for Circuit Ben and Cruel Hand Luke. We became aware of each others existence through Myspace and our mutual love of circuit bending. This was a couple of years ago. We met in person outside of the local convenience market. Ben approached me and said ‘I know you from the internet’, at first I was scared but with further explanation it turns out that Ben wasn’t some kind of stalker with a penchant for picking-up hairy men but a like minded toy molester. After a few months of intense weekly 12 hour+ bending sessions we decided to make more of it. We laid down some improvised bent jam and thus, Wrongbot was born.


Ben – It was a bit strange I admit, but I was excited to find an experienced circuit-bender within walking distance of my house, and from past experience, they’re normally pretty agreeable folks – I’ve never met a bender that I didn’t like.


EDITORIAL INSERT: When I first met Ben, it was a bit weird too…not psycho stalker crazy weird but, he was trying to get me to let him crash on my floor of the hotel/apartment we were held up at for the weekend at Bentfest in Minneapolis. He was a wiry (yet mellow if you will) British dude and I…just a bit shy usually of folks I don’t know. I’m always a bit standoffish at first, but after a little conversation with Ben the weekend turned out to be all Eraser and Tiziana, DJ Tendraw, Circuit Ben, Igloo and myself, the whole time…felt like we was all brothers from other mothers. We went thrifting and we went on a Radio Shack “Shock” and so on and so on. Great Weekend! Ben’s a good dude, solid in-fact!

Q: I know Ben has traveled across the pond to visit us here in the States twice just to get a show…are you two playing out? Or do you have any gigs you plan on doing as Wrongbot?

L – It would be awesome to bring Wrongbot to the US and beyond. Currently, we have a couple of gigs lined up in the UK, but it’s only a matter of time before we spread our circuits further afield.

B – Yes, If you book us, we’ll play. (we’d write a sign to hold while we stand at the side of the freeway, but we’re too busy), book us, we’ll turn up. we promise. So far we have played one show at Leeds University Union and our next is in Leicester on March 14th.


Q: You were recently on a few compilations as part of the Free download series hosted by and Curated by Tiger Claw Records. What if anything was the response to the tracks you had on the compilations?

L – The feedback I’ve got is a heady mix of bewilderment, fear and gentle humoring, which is the desired effect really.

B – I’ve had the same, I usually blast my friends for a few minutes, and get the same old blank looks, smiling and nodding. I guess that just means we’re going to have to make people dance.

Q: Are the two of you in the works together as far as any cool or unusual circuit bent builds?

L – Oh, that’s classified information, but we do have some crazy schemes in the ol’ brain box. All will be revealed in due time.

B – We are particularly interested in the resistance of the flesh. We know many benders might not have experienced it yet, but flesh is nice. Wrongbot is fast developing it’s own vast repository of web content, as we are documenting every bend we do. We feel it would be churlish for us not to share this information in the near future, so we’re currently constructing a site featuring our progress. Launching May 1st.

Q: We talk on Getlofi a bit here and there about Austin’s beard and mustache (Creme DeMentia), Luke looks like he’s been growing a set of comparison too…is Luke inspiring any hair growth on the facial region upon you Ben?

L – Haha, Everyone should have a ‘stache at some point in their lives… even women.

B – Yes, normally I have some sort of Abe Lincoln thing going on, but I had a shave both times I came to the states, in an effort to appear smarter for your lovely, (if a little stern) immigration people.

Q: What are your influences such as early music growing up from both sides of Wrongbot? 

L – Like most people, I was very closed-minded with music whilst growing up. If it wasn’t metal, I didn’t want to know. Now, thankfully, I can draw influence from a wide range of musical genres and not just Iron Maiden. The main bands that have stuck with me beyond adolescence are Bjork, Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails and Beastie Boys. They feature regularly on my play-list. As do the likes of Battles, Billy Nayer Show, Tom Waits, Two gallants, Man or Astroman, Modified Toy Orchestra, anything Mike Patton-related… and I’ve been loving Free-Music Fridays on Getlofi. The quality of bent music just keeps on getting better..

B – I was lucky enough to have two older sisters who were competing to see who could play piano “better” when I was a kid. I tried a few lessons when I was five, but that didn’t work out beyond teaching me that hitting things made fun noises – I subsequently broke every key on that thing with a hammer. A few of the things from the past week’s play-list –  Odetta, The Velvet Underground, Groundhogs, Syd Barrett, Burning Spear, Urusei Yatsura, The Yummy Fur, Cornelius and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Q: Do you see any of these influences in your music today?

L – To some extent, everything is an influence. Music past and present, organic and mechanical sounds, a shoe in nextdoors’ washing machine… music and rhythm is everywhere but really, I’m just a slave to whatever sound comes out of the toy I’m using.

B – I never really got the influence thing, I’ve made several conscious decisions to throw music away because it sounds like someone else, but that has always been an accident, I think other musicians are an influence on attitude more than musical style/content – like having a case of the “Lou Reeds”. I think the biggest influence would be the Kaseo brothers (original spelling.)

Q: Are you guys planning on doing a full length anytime soon as Wrongbot, or will we only be getting samples of tasty things from the two of you?

L – Well, it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. One thing is for sure though, expect something! 

Q: Anything else you want to add?

B – Yes, we would like to announce the birth of Ladyfunnel!, a three-piece girl band featuring three very new circuit-benders, who are also working print and video journalists and photographers. Wrongbot will be featuring them on our site to showcase our finished creations, coaching them for live performances, and using them to demonstrate how we intend to teach novice benders from scratch. We felt their was room for a bit more glamor in the bending world, and of course for us geeks, meeting more girls is always a bonus, so when we were asked to create some noisemakers for Ladyfunnel, we thought about it for about a minute. 😉


…and lastly our warmest thanks to all the benders and hackers at home and abroad, who continue to make life interesting for each other. Without all the free information available out there, circuit bending just wouldn’t be as fun. To the future! Thanks for the interview! Keep up the BENDS!

Free Music Friday Presents…Power Hungry


Power hungry is pure rage from the underworld. 12 fully loaded tracks that pump out the juice like a crushed grape!  Crazy circuit bent sounds and chaos from all angles of the globe! It’s the 4th release curated by Tiger Claw Records since it went all digital two months ago. It also has five artists that have never before released on any of the Tiger Claw compilations! Power Hungry – An Experimental Circuit Bent Compilation – Download

DO NOT BEND TWO – Free Music Friday!

Circuit Bending Compilation Do Not Bend Two

By Rodney Clark

This is a follow up to a release Tiger Claw Records put out in 2007 as a physical CD. The release was called DO NOT BEND, which featured:

Toy Death, Ben Presto, Igloo Martian, Circo Bazooko, Life As Number Five, Spunky Toofers, Andy Ben & Dr. Rek, XDUGEF, Slugg City, Rot Wylder, Creme DeMentia, The Sk5, D. Forma, Igor Amokian, Steve Glitch, Int_Routine, James Anderson, and Zef Renirhs

DO NOT BEND TWO has a lot to live up to, but it certainly will not disappoint! Originally the album was scheduled to be released under the title “Egomaniac” but I was convinced to change it by Igloo Martian. He thought it would be best if I stuck to the traditional theme of putting a bent theme on things. So I decided to go with a follow up to an old release. Who doesn’t love a follow up? I mean…I can’t get enough of the Jason’s series of films 🙂 All kidding aside, I thought it would be cool to do. It has some serious backing…with true potential for a timeless trilogy in the making! All the tracks on here are instant, Circuit Bent classics with NO EXCEPTIONS!

The contributing Artist on Do Not Bend Two are Spunky Toofers/Susan Matthews, Igor Amokian, Igloo Martian, Wrongbot, All Over the Where, life as number five, LCDD, Bitcrusher, Denki Poo, Potar, Circo Bazooko, The Bureau of Nonstandards, mhcrispo, Neonworm, and StruKtur

I’d go back and replay each track as I added a new one to the folder, and it seemed to grow on it’s own, I just kept adding tracks and it kept adding a bigger place in my heart. It starts out with a familiar name in the bent community collaborating with a friend who doesn’t bend, and builds from there. Quite good I must say. Anyway…I’ll let you get to it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.

DO NOT BEND TWO – Revenge of the Bender – Download ZIP

Free Music Friday Presents…Songs That Start With The Letter A


by Rodney

Here’s another great comp with 7 tracks of circuit bent fury! Maybe even a couple benders you have yet to hear! It’s a net-release curated by Tiger Claw Records. The theme here was to get the artist to create or supply a song that started with the letter A for it’s song title. It was a tough one because unless you had a song already written…to inspire a song just because it needed a tittle that started with A might have gotten in the way of true creative will. Never the less…I give you for your Free Music Friday listening pleasure a highly experimental album dubbed, Songs That Start With The Letter A.

Download – Songs that start with the letter A



Event review by Chris Wild
BEND MY BUTTONS took place Jan. 16th 2009 @ RedCat lounge in L.A.

It was an early evening of circuit bent music from a nice mix of performance styles including the evening opener Igor Amokian,
who started the night off with a minimal mix of 8bit beats, vintage video game sound fx into a barrage of bezerking keyboards and samples from old NASA flexi records all layered in and out of the mix with a crazy beat solo on bent drum box to finish his set.

Next up was Pushplay, combining more composed downtempo tunes with sub basslines, melodies, a huge selection of vocal intros & outros from alot of various odd toys. This live bent mix was accompanied with SAX which added a cool blend to Vince’s circuit bent performance plugging in & unplugging toys, getting crazy sounds and samples from different gizmos before throwing them down and going for the next one….Also peep “Soul or System”


Then it was EMT, who rolled his rig in on a hospital stretcher with a LOAD of goodies. His set consisted of a wide arrange electronic beats techno, acid bleeps and a myriad other odd sounds and tones from a gigantic (must see) table of some outragious circuit bent goodies. He also had a guest sitting in playing a WSG and another interesting homemade device that was played like a xylophone with various synth and bent sounds. Some very cool tunes, production and mixed sound arrangements.


The finale of this very chill circuit bent event was none other than Mr. Jeff Boynton himself, with his fantastic & bizzare electronic creations all working with him and letting him play too, blending resonating tones, crunchy drones, weird soundscapes and patterns blending into an very experimental/avant/electronic music sounding set finishing off with a Cello solo!


Over all cool performances, awesome location, cool folks & vibes I even saw a couple of my friends too like Andy Ben and bizzart…oh yeah it was just cool to see so many crazy, zany, off the wall electronic & circuit bent GIZMOZ!!!!!

See some outragious gadgets, gizmos, toys and instruments here:




Event put together by Arron @ REDCAT Lounge