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Free Music Friday – Tiger Claw Collaboration Comp


By Rodney Clark

Collaboration is a compillation that has been in the works for about 5 months now. It was originally due to be released on Tiger Claw Records, but due to recent economic downfalls, TCR has closed down shop. So what would have beeen the 6th release on the all Circuit Bent genre label, is now a free download available exclusivley on for your enjoyment. The premise behind “Collaboration” was a simple idea of randomly pairing artist who preformed using circuit bent insturments, and have them do a collaboration track. All of the artist names where thrown into an envelope, and one at a time drawn to pair with the following pulled artist. The sounds were not meant to match rather, find a way to blend. It was a sound experiment that in some cases never worked out. Originally the album had a total of 26 artist, but ended with only 16 completing the experiment. For whatever reason those that did not make the deadlines and did not make a connection with their paired partner…I would say that was part of the experiment. After all Circuit bending is chaos being controlled or unleashed and that could be what those artist found. The line up for the finished compilation is as follows:

Dr.Rek and Circo Bazooko

Datura 1.0 and EraSer

Igloo Martian and The Simpson Brothers

Zebra Mu and Uplink

Talking Computron and Igor Amokian

Spunky Toofers and Sleeper

Mike Una and Life as Number Five

Xdugef and Circuit Ben Reaction

The attached download contains an insert and a foldable cover for you to have the full experience of the way the Cd was meant to be released. Feel free to make copies and sell them at shows. It’s a pretty easy cut and past sleeve and the insert just folds up to be placed inside. So without spoiling the ending…I give you “COLLABORATION”!

COLLABORATION – an experimental music compilation

Free Music Friday – Last of 2008


Spunky Toofers’ Epitaph. – Experimental sounds and lots of circuit bent noises. Download Full Album Zip.


9MM – Speedcore Xmas Mix Download Mp3.


Animal StyleChristmas EP. Gameboy versions of Xmas Classics.


Optimus Rhyme – TranfORmed EP. Nerdcore/Pop and kind of cheesy. Free Download until Jan 1st. Download Zip. Via Doc Pop.


ActrurusBTWArcturus Dreams sampled circuit bent instruments. Download Zip.

Free Music Friday Holiday Edition


Paza Slaphappy Bee III Ep – Chiptune jams with heavy vocoder and animal noises.  Must download each Mp3 separately. 🙁


8 Bit Jesus – 9 Chiptune renditions of Christmas Classics, first half of a full album. Download zip here. Via Doc Pop


NorthAmericanHardcore – Low-Bit Net label with tons of free albums on their website. Noise, Hardnoise, Gabber, Deathmetal, etc. Lots of noise basically. Give it a go but keep your expectations low.

One Channel Compilation – Chiptunes from various artists. Download Zip here. Via Little Scale.


Merry Pixmas – Chiptune Xmas compilation from various artists. Download Zip here. Via Little-Scale.

Free Music Friday: More 8Bit, More Circuit Bent

Burnkit2600 – This is the Sound finally dropped! Crunchy Synths and Circuit Bent drum machines will make you feel part of the game. Free download, donations or disk purchases are encouraged.

Burnkit2600’s “b00” from Burnkit2600 on Vimeo.

8Bit Bonus Disk – Left over material from a compilation, various chip-tune artists, all tracks can be downloaded as mp3s.


Micro Revenge – Micromusic Compilation CD1, CD2. Via Little-Scale.


Pete from Casper Electronics just released a free CD, lots of bent sounds from Speak and Spells and lo-fi beats all over this one. Preview.

Free Music Friday Collection

This feature has been getting ignored for the most part recently. In order fix that here is a single post featuring most of the the backlogged links I’ve been accumulating, in no particular order. Enjoy.


DJ – Ripley, To The Party Members.  Trip-Hop/Break beat. Some experimental sounds.


Veteran Noise Artist Bill T Miller‘s Catalog is available for download through his site. Lots of circuit bent and experimental sounds to please any noise junkie.


Houseware’s – FFF is a drony soundscape with ambient guitar sounds mixed in.  Chill.


Toxic Twat’s Game Over – Hardcore 4Bit Chip-tune GameBoy Album.


Quarta330 – GameBoy Dub Step/Dubtronica, Live Set MP3 – Download. Really been digging this, the guy is amazing.  Little bit more info here.


Mobius Band aka 3rdness‘  free digital release of his debut solo EP Red Chanterelles.  Lots of circuit bent instruments were used on this one. Beat oriented.


The Soundbyte – Rivers of Broken Glass. I think this is Metal, I found it while Googling for something else. Free download looks like.  WMA format 🙁

coverfrontfp3.JPG Presents Hello World! – Chip Tunes from various artists around the world. Free Download. Via little-scale.


Another 8BitCollective Compilation – Chip Tunes – 2 Disks. Free Download. Via little-scale.


Nanoloop 2008 Compilation – Chip Tunes + Other. Lots of awesome artists on this one. Free Download. Via little-scale.


8Bit Compilation from CalmDownKidder Records. Free Download. Via little-scale.


Nine Inch Nails Tribute Compilation – 8BC and Robo-Bot Records. Free Download. Via little-scale.

Ok, this should be good enough for now.

Free Music Friday: Michiboux


This Free Music Friday I invite everyone to enjoy the ultra-smooth-prog electro sounds of Michiboux (Michel Maurice Fortin). Its like listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis, except better and it spans 23 full albums. Crispy FM synths with brilliant brass melody lines covering  groovy beats. The Michiboux 8 is a good starting point but all albums are great. Available via, which I must say is quite excellent now due to bandwidth increases.
Sound Sample.

Free Music Friday: This week “The Atomic Bros VS Drown Radio”

The Atomic Bros VS Drown Radio

This Free Music Friday comes via Doc Pop’s newly redesigned blog Drown Radio. The Atomic Bros VS Drown Radio is an EP produced in 2005 for a Yo-Yo Contest and just now made available for free in a .rar file. Gameboy tracks with trumpets alternate to circuit bent noises and nerdcore. Download it now and give it to as many friends as you can, why? Well.. because its free and you just can.