Circuit Bent Gravity Scale

Circuit Bent Bathroom scale

This Gravity Scale DIY synth is encased in a vintage bathroom scale and is currently up on ebay. Packed with 4 sound oscillators and 4 LFOs for pitch modulation. Volume controls and shape change switches are also provided for each oscillator. The oscillators’ outputs are mixed down to a single Master out with volume control. Audio samples can be heard on this page, although they all start playing at the same time, creating a noise sound collage. Nice work on the recase, I specially dig the handle. No word on whether the scale works normaly with the bends off. More info at
Sound Sample.

Gravity Scale Circuit Bent OscillatorCircuit Bent Gravity Scale Diagram

7 thoughts on “Circuit Bent Gravity Scale”

  1. Links to sounds dont work at all. Fucking apple QT format sucks.Producer this interesting device propably dont want to let us to hear how this sound :>

  2. A bit of advice to seller 🙂 Site of this product is shitty and oversized.The most important thing ; give us direct links to mp3 or ogg files.Dont propagate quick time and real media like
    priopriertary and crappy stuff 🙂 I dont want theirs plugs in my system :] If this thing sounds good dont worry about your bussines 🙂

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