Circuit Bent TR-626 “Work of Art”

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This circuit bent Roland TR-626 built in Portugal and was recently sold on eBay for a surprisingly low amount. There were lots and lots of pictures in the auction, but unfortunately no audio. So that could be why people were hesitant to bid it up. I do wonder if it is harder for people to circuit bend devices in other countries. For one the prices for used vintage gear may be higher and of course parts and materials are not cheap either. Some eBay sellers will not ship outside US cause its a hassle. But this may not be true for brand new equipment because everything comes from China nowadays so the actual costs are about the same across the board. What varies is the country’s own import tariffs and whatever merchants tack on. Given that in the US people can afford to pay more it could be that musical goods are actually higher priced in America as opposed to other countries. Any international and US benders please feel free to comment on this matter.

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  1. what a shame!!
    100euro for this really nice job.
    I cannot believe it.
    In the states you would get 400euro minimum, for shure for
    this thing.
    I had plans to make some further tr505 circuitbending (I made already 2) and sell it at ebay, but now I am warned.

  2. it is because there was no real option for american bidders. no shipping listing, y cut out such a huge market? all you need is 2 people that really want it to get a good price.

  3. The guy who bent this 626 informed me a few months back that he used our info to create it. Even though he was recreating our mods, I’m sure he must have put a lot of work in it. Too bad he wasn’t able to make more with it, a well bent 626 is worth much more! Audio samples and a decent reserve price would have helped. Maybe people are more apt to try bending their own drum machines now that we are making the info so readily available. Anyway, I know I’d never sell mine.

  4. Agreed. With a US shipping quote it would have sold for at LEAST twice as much.

  5. what a sad f_cking place i live in. if someone doesn’t cater to the lazy, then end up getting screwed or devalued.

    i really hope this isn’t true, but i guess i see it everyday

    sorry i missed the auction

  6. Hey, thats the world we live in. He probably should have covered all the bases before listing it. It seems obvious to me that it would be most likely that someone in the US would be your perspective buyer, why not include a shipping quote? I wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of trying to obtain a quote from Potugal post because the seller didn’t want to. Live and learn I guess.

  7. I am also guessing that the English is not that great for this builder because in the closeup shot of the nametag it says,
    “Circuit Bended by ……” Kind of cute though.

  8. You probably mean “I am also guessing that this builder’s english is not so great”.

  9. Yes, that is what I mean, but I could’ve also said, “Guessing also, the English is not that great for builder this is. ” samething.

  10. don’t know about Europe, but there was a big row in Japan this spring because the government tried to pass a law outlawing the sale of certain old keyboards and electronics. from what I understood it was more about a mall putting pawn shops out of business than about the electronics themselves. but the Japanese benders were up in arms!

  11. I know that the EU ‘hazardous substance directive’ went into effect on July 1st of this year. That is why many of the modular synth units cannot be shipped there anymore, as well as some circuit bent items and other electronics. Under the new directive there is now too much lead content to be considered ‘safe’ so no dotcom or MOTM modules can be shipped to Europe anymore πŸ™

  12. I would imagine that they can be shipped, but whether they will reach the buyer is another story.

    The RoHS is kind of a bummer, however its a directive, not a law according to this:

    Taken from WIKI:

    Another problem that lead-free solders face is the growth of tin whiskers. These thin strands of tin can grow and make contact with an adjacent trace, developing a short circuit. Tin whiskers have already been responsible for at least one failure at a nuclear power plant. [2] Other documented failures include satellites in orbit, aircraft in flight, and implanted medical pacemakers. Reliability decay of low-lead materials may be economically desirable for some consumer product companies because it provides a mechanism to enforce planned obsolescence and replacement. Ironically, this is the opposite of the claimed intent of RoHS legislation. Some countries have exempted medical and telecommunication infrastructure products from the legislation. [3] There are no de minimus exemptions e.g. for micro-businesses, meaning that some small businesses have been forced to close down, citing the cost of compliance.

    Makes perfect sense. Kill small business and make less reliable merchendize that will need to be replaced in 5 years. Good for the economy!

    On the other hand there is the 2 orders of magnitude increase in cancer with lead based products vs. lead-free.

    But that is just a side effect of living in an industrial age. Everything gives cancer, cars, GMO foods, RF, second hand smoke.

  13. Also RoHS effects NEW equipment. A piece of circuit bent gear would hardly be considered new. It is second hand atleast. So circuit bending may be the only industry that is safe.

  14. AHA!


    – Spare parts for the repair, or the reuse, of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market before 1 July 2006 with the purpose of extending its life by updating its functionalities or upgrading its capacity.

    Yes! Circuit Bent stuff is OK!

    Also sad but true……
    – Military equipment like arms, munitions, war material

  15. Nice! It is good to hear that circuit bent items are an exception. Unfortunately many or the modular synth companies refuse to even attempt to ship to EU now because of the RoHS. I know for a fact that dotcom and MOTM now refuse to ship anywhere in the EU. At least circuit bent stuff is still OK. πŸ™‚

  16. I’m no lawyer, so don’t quote me on that, but from what I am reading it seems like Circuit Bent should be ok.

  17. I guess large part of this RoHS has to do with WEEE, e-Waste disposal. I doubt that there are enough circuit bent items in the world that would create landfil. Many of us would die of happiess if there were places like this:
    Except full of synths.

  18. I got a nice modified TR 505 from dna-soundsystems.
    A lot of circuit bends inside ….respect. Sounds Great!

    Roland R.

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