Dub Siren iPhone Application


A while back we wrote about Dub Sirens used as accents in the Dub style music and converting a sound effect keychain into one such instrument. Well, now you probably don’t have to mess around with any of that thanks to a recently revealed Dub Siren application for the iPhone. Not only does it feature sound effects and samples for playback, but it also has a tap delay and the ability to stream Dub tracks directly from a big list of Internet Raggae Radio Stations. Pretty Dope.

More information about the app: www.dubsiren.com


6 thoughts on “Dub Siren iPhone Application”

  1. Alex-

    This makes me curious now as to what exactly an actual Dub Siren is. Are they similar to an APC? What does a Dub Siren schematic (non-circuit-bent, that is) look like? There’s probably an article that mentions this already, I’ll go look around a little.

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