Experimental Garage Sale 2009 Duets

Last August after the 2nd Annual Experimental Garage Sale wrapped up, we decided to use the EXSOST facilities for actual recording of random electronic improv duets. Those recordings can now be downloaded here: EGS 2009 Duets.

Nice set of pictures from 2009 by Lo-Gain.

The Experimental Garage Sale for this year is being finalized and if you would like to REGISTER AS A SELLER and can travel to Chicago on a Saturday. Please let us know in the comments or by emailing us.

7 thoughts on “Experimental Garage Sale 2009 Duets”

  1. So far I think we also have:
    Roth Mobot ( Patrick and Tommy )
    Mike Una
    Probably Creme Dementia.

  2. At this point it will be June/July. Sounds like we will be able to get the ESS again.

  3. Howdy
    Please add me to the list as well – cleaning out the garage – lots of
    radio parts.

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