Experimental Garage Sale

6th Annual Experimental Garage Sale.

June 9th, 2013. Noon-6PM at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago


The sale will feature Circuit Bent Instruments, Un-Bent Gear, Parts, Vintage Components, + Other. Custom lamps. GetLoFi Kits. Art. Raffle.

Vendors: ( Complete List will be announced soon )

1. GetLoFi.com – Kits, Prototype Devices, Circuit Bend instruments, Guitar Pedals
Minneapolis, MN

2. Tim Kaiser – Electric Kalimbas, Steam-punk oscillators
Duluth, MN

3. Unatr0nics – Studio Gear clean out.
Chicago, IL

4. Steven Buck – Psychedelic Art Lamps
Chicago, IL

5. RothMobot ( Tommy )  РCircuit Bent and Unbent items. Chicago, IL

6. Non Finite.com – Chiptune gear, Madison WI


5925 N. Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60660

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Address: Heart of Chicago @ ESS.


Facebook Event.

12 thoughts on “Experimental Garage Sale”

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  2. Well I’m sure something will come up. Otherwise its Camping time in the ESS backyard!

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