The Folktek website features works and collaborations of Ben Houston and Arius Blaze some of which were up for sale on eBay like the Optic Nerve, Music Box,and Cataract Granulator. Very “mad scientist” looking stuff encased into vintage instrument boxes with brass hardware and radio knobs. I used to be sticker shocked by the $300-$400 price tags on some of Arius Blaze’s instruments, but now it certainly seems more plausible given the amount of work that could go into building devices like this. For the cataract series of devices the internal circuitry is still somewhat of a mystery to me. The description states pitch shifting and granular distortion and after listening to the sample I would go with a Bucket Brigade Delay circuit. Those tend to pitch shift at lower clock speeds and definitely cause distortion. Judging from other samples on the website many instruments also contain Speak and Spell guts and combinations of feedback and strings. Very fun to peruse through. Via [eBay], but also [SubtleNoiseMaker post helped to remind me]

Optic Nerve Sample




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  1. I was somewhat shocked to see Arius’ work back on Ebay. He took my money, and other’s without delivering the goods!!

  2. Hi Tom, if you’ve had a problem please contact me and we can resolve…I went through very hard times and lost all info I had of a couple people who did in fact pay me and never got the work…I’ve not been able to resurface until now and have been and currently have every intention of getting the work to the people who should have it (hence the resurfacing)…As far as I’ve known, up to now, I thought all had been resolved or is in the process of being resolved…But if I’m mistaken – given my lack of past information, including emails, names etc. I would love more than anything to clear those things up and move on with the work. So please drop me a line if it’s proper and we can discuss. If it’s the case, you have my sincerest appologies.
    Thanks, Arius

  3. arius is full of excuses…and I would like to make clear he does not follow through on promises. for the sake of future buyers, beware. I found out about the work through getlofi and have been without instruments for six months because i took a gamble on these guys and they sent broken instruments and still won’t refund my money

  4. I made this post on sasha’s and he erased it but it is important that people know what they are getting into with arius and

  5. I’ve purchased work from Arius Blaze for years. He disappeared for a bit. It was a shame, I spent hours looking at his work and listening to the sounds and wierd music. I found folktek and didn’t even realize it was him at first but when I did I got one of the folktek things and couldn’t be more pleased. After buying work from him for so long I’ll say this: Arius Blaze is amazing, his work, his music, his ideas. genius. Also an inspiration. I get inspired to do something cool just looking at his stuff. Also he’s a slow shipper. I don’t know why it takes him so damn long to get to the post office and put something in the mail but it does. Folktek was much faster but it may be that it’s because it’s a collaboration. I don’t know. That said his work is well worth the wait. I bought a several pieces from 6 or 7 years ago up to a few months before he went offline and waited about 5 months! to get the first piece and anything I ordered after that didn’t arrive any quicker. But I still have these things, they work great just as good as the day I got them! and I use them and continue to be inspired. for what it’s worth, that’s my experience of Arius Blaze and folktek.

  6. Just want to know if folktek ever actually answer emails as i keep trying to ask questions about dune shaper etc with a view to buy & so far have been ignored.Thanks.

  7. I hope they answer their emails, its really a bad business practice to ignore your customers. If you are interested in something custom let me know and maybe I can built it for you or find someone who will. Cheers. –CM

  8. Just to say that Arius has now contacted me & says he had problem with his spam filter which i thought may be the case.He sounds like an interesting and very pleasant chap to me as far as i can tell so far ,for what its worth.Dave.

  9. I had a good experience recently with Arius and Folktek. I ordered a micro garden and I received it within 2 weeks. The workmanship and creativity are fantastic. I truly couldn’t be happier other than he just came out with a new version of the instrument I bought – and it’s even better which is hard to believe. I can’t speak for others but, I would gladly do business with him again.

  10. I just received a micro garden from Arius, and to be honest very happy with it
    had I read these comments before hand I would have had second thoughts about ordering, however Im glad I ordered blindly, and was very happy.

    I think Arius is quite an amazing artist, and I hope he manages to sort out any issues, and is able to continue to develop his creative work, as he clearly is a man of high creative calibre.

    andrew – london

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