Free Music Friday: Michiboux


This Free Music Friday I invite everyone to enjoy the ultra-smooth-prog electro sounds of Michiboux (Michel Maurice Fortin). Its like listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis, except better and it spans 23 full albums. Crispy FM synths with brilliant brass melody lines covering  groovy beats. The Michiboux 8 is a good starting point but all albums are great. Available via, which I must say is quite excellent now due to bandwidth increases.
Sound Sample.

3 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: Michiboux”

  1. Like Bladerunner but better? Well, uhhh… a couple of us just listed to parts of album 1 and 5 and we must respectfully disagree. Sorry!

    Different strokes for different folks, right? 🙂 Maybe we haven’t found the best stuff, yet. We’re not saying that it sucks.

    Thanks for the link and your blog in general!

  2. Yeah claiming the greater greatness then the Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack may cause a few gasps and some old ladies may faint! But my first impressions after watching the movie and then listening to Michiboux sort of tied the two things together very well based on the thematic simulatiries in the music. Later on I got the CD Soundtrack from the movie and unfortunately I was not very impressed by it, mainly because the best cuts from the movie were left off the Blade Runner CD. However the actual background music from the movie is awesome yet very unattainable. Of course the production values are amazing on the Soundtrack. Last but not least Michiboux is free, Vangelis is not, however Michiboux does not look like this
    actually I have no idea what they look like.

  3. I am Michiboux. Thanks for the good comments and doubts… One thing is for sure, I like Vangelis but I did not try to copy him… I am a low budget artist and record my music in my home studio…

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