Free Music Friday presents…97701

97701 is a simple compilation with a complex underside. 97701 is not just some random number, pulled from a monkey’s underside. 97701 is the zip-code for a town in the state of Oregon (USA)…that oddly enough is named Bend. So it was only fitting to name this weeks release after an obscure town, that only has the coolest name ever! This week we welcome Henrique Iwao from Sao Paulo Brazil! This is the first time Henrique has been on one of these Free Music Friday releases. He makes an amazing entrance onto things with his track titled “nihil obstat – fafa#sol”. You might also be speculating over this weeks sleeve art. You might have been right if you guessed that Int_routine did another bang up job on this weeks art work. This is the second piece of art Jason has submitted for the compilation series. Now please…go and enjoy this crazy good compilation, it’s free!

97701 – Download Zip

17 thoughts on “Free Music Friday presents…97701”

  1. The sounds on these compilations just keep getting better and better! I’m so glad to have the opportunity to contribute in some way.

  2. WOW, yet another great collection of BENT music and sounds..
    Can’t wait to hear all of the tunes.
    Excited to be featured on another tigerclaw/get lofi compilation
    of bentness!!!

    what a line up(once again)!!! what up everyone????

    Rodney Rocks!!!!!

  3. It would be interesting to know what Bent peoples think about this compilation ;D
    …You have to organize some show there! ;D

  4. Obscure? Bend is Oregon’s eighth largest city! Oh, wait, that’s not saying much. The prospects of a Bend festival are pretty intriguing, though. Bend is basically Oregon’s response to Aspen, Colorado in that it’s a small town supported by tourism and outdoor recreation (primarily skiing/snowboarding). The predominant culture in that part of Oregon is Cowboy, so I’m sure it would be very edifying for the locals to have a Bend festival there, and its only about a three hour drive from the places in Oregon when circuit benders are more likely to be found.

  5. Seems pretty obscure to me, who knows? Before this release I have never heard of this town. My formal response to Aspen is my middle finger.

  6. What…no giant ball of twine? That sux! So, basicly it’s Broke Back Mountain “Aspen” style. A bunch of rich guys in 10 gallon hat’s trying to quit each other.

  7. So none of this music is from Bend? I thought maybe you discovered a cool underground scene there.

  8. Another great compilation, yay! And this time it comes from (almost) my back yard. I agree with those upthread: more tunes from Jason! The artwork looks excellent, as usual.

    Thank you, everyone who worked on this in whatever capacity.

  9. great comp. and thanks for the shout out to Oregon. That Dr. Rek track is bumpin’ !!!

  10. Hay! im from Oregon as well! go figure. Gresham to be exact. i know no other circuit benders in the area. Oh well! GO OREGON! And im not talkin ball chasers.

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