GetLoFi 4017 Sequencer Kit Implementation

The 4017 Sequencer Kit has been available for quite some time, however the documentation has been rather lacking. Aside from that fact that it makes a great 8 step trigger circuit  we have not even tried it as a Control Voltage (CV) source until now.

Go get started the Sequencer circuit board needs 3 Input connections. Ground ( Black ), Positive Voltage ( Red ), and Clock Input (Blue ).

The Tempo to advance one step in the sequence is provided by a 555 Timer Module. Positive Voltage and Ground connections are shared.

The Simplest circuit demonstrating the most basic operation is an LED used to preview or indicate the steps in the sequence.  Negative side of the LED must be connected to the 4017 board Ground and the Output pad will serve as a source for Positive Voltage. A resistor is needed to limit the current, typically anything between 100 Р1,000 Ohm will do fine. When the step is set to High at the specific pad the positive voltage is sent out lighting up the LED. Note that this is the basis for using the sequencer as a triggering device for other circuits.



15 thoughts on “GetLoFi 4017 Sequencer Kit Implementation”

  1. I love the smoove saxophones as the soundtrack to the video. That should be the theme song for your sequencer-building montage.

  2. It will be my theme song for most GetLoFi videos I think. Even the ones that do have original sound!

  3. I will be uploading more information about the circuit. The second array is to isolate individual trigger voltages and CV signals from each other. Without the diodes everything is interconnected.

  4. Robin, I believe they are pots, i ordered a ‘bag of circuit bending pieces’ and it included several of em, i dont know where else to get em, but i think they’re used mainly for smaller consumer electronics in comparison to the pots. I also believe they’re strictly SM components.

    Correct me if i’m wrong, this is what i derived from all the broken stuff in my room.

  5. CM: I noticed that the apc is linked by 4 of the 8 contacts on the sequencer. Is there a reason for this, is it possible to make the sequencer run two APC’s in the same way attached to the remaining contacts?

  6. Ok
    recieved my 4017 sequencer kit and 55 timer kit today.
    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to hook up the pots to the voltage outs?

  7. How are the voltage [pitch] pots wired/connected? I don’t see them in the diagram or the pictures above.

  8. >>Can someone point me in the right direction on how to hook up the pots to the voltage outs?

    I sure wish there was a response to this in the past year. I just ordered as well…

  9. is there any additional build documentation? such as how to connect the pots to control each step?

  10. When I got my sequencer the board was rusty when will you get the new ones like the new 555 timer board, they were a dream to put together.

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