Ikea DroneDome Dual Atari Punk Console

Ikea Dronedone synth

This Dual Atari Punk Console comes via Andy in Paris France. Encased in an authentic Ikea stainless steel Salad bowl with bright blue LEDs to pierce through the darkness, very nice addition to the APC line. A video of sample sounds is available in youTube as well. It seems to me that common household objects sometimes do make the best enclosures, Q.R. Ghazala also mentiones using a wooden salad bowl flipped upside down for his Vox Insecta sound system in his Circuit Bending Book. I would be curious to see the bottom side of this device tough. Thanks for the link Andy.
Dronedome 2 Circuit Bent Atari Punk ConsoleDronedome Circuit Bent Atari Punk Console 555 CircuitDronedome 2 Circuit Bent Atari Punk Console 555 Circuit

6 thoughts on “Ikea DroneDome Dual Atari Punk Console”

  1. Awesome! I just finnished my atari punk console, with optical resistors and pots that can be toggle betweem, along with multi caps that are selectable through roatary switches! Gotta get it boxed into somthing neato!

  2. Just got enough parts together for a few of these, let the games begin.
    It occured to me that there must be a way to use this circuit to do the strange stepped pitch effect to an outside circuit. I’m thinking a speak and spell or something. I’ll have to play with that. If all goes well a couple of these may end up in an “interactive art” kinda piece I’m working on for a small installation with lotsa optical (ldr) controls.
    I’ve got my first show coming up so I gots lotsa stuff to finish up. might take some time….
    Happy Bending

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