Intriguing Digital Recording Sound Lab Kits

Digital Sound Lab


With X-Mas looming here are a couple of identical, yet differently labeled, gifts that will surely trip the trigger of an aspiring experimental sound artist. Not much for the actual description of circuits aside from 30 different variations possible. These Labs are incredibly reminiscent of the Radio Shack’s X-in-1 spring loaded experimental kits.

The board appears to have resistors, capacitors, a potentiometer, record/playback buttons, microphone, speaker, a set of transistors, and the main recording chip with connections broken out. My guess is that the bread and butter of this circuit is changing the pitch of the recording and various triggering options. Surely this will be fun for a few hours.

Discovery Digital Sound Lab $39.95

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab $37.49

4 thoughts on “Intriguing Digital Recording Sound Lab Kits”

  1. Nice post. I’ve often thought that the old-school Radio Shack kits were a perfect match for the bending / synth DIY crowd. Wansn’t aware of these newer kits.

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