LoFi Fest 2007 – Great Success – Videos

The LoFi Fest 2007 was a great success thanks to all the performers, attendees, and staff. I couldn’t have been happier with the way the event turned out. All of the sets got taped in their entirety and there is even a talk of releasing a DVD with the stereo audio from the mixing board instead of the camera mic. More info will be available soon, in the meantime enjoy these vids hosted by google video. ( Please note that RSS Readers may not be able to display the embedded objects, click here to go directly to the post. )
Creme Dementia

Igloo Martian

Spunky Toofers

Datura 1.0



Talking Computron

9 thoughts on “LoFi Fest 2007 – Great Success – Videos”

  1. Great job everyone! Thanks for posting the videos for the rest of us to watch. Wish we coulda been there.

  2. Heh, Tommy you should’ve been there. But I understand you had some difficulties etc. Alas it actually worked out for the best because 8 bands would’ve been a little too much too much.

  3. looks like a fun night. i’m glad it all worked out for you. is there going to be a second one?

  4. Heh, well I am halfway thinking about having a 2008 event. Probably same time next year. No other plans currently though.

  5. It’s been getting stronger and stronger. More people are coming out of thier shells and performing instead of just hanging at the house and building (myself included)…

    Bend This X3 is coming up and should be great, I have a show in Long Beach that night but am gonna try to make it out to the workshop during the day.

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