More Speak and Spells then you know what to do with

9 Speak and Spells for circuit bending
This is certainly a deal of the day sitting at cool $24.99, but I expect there to be quite a ferocious bidding war towards the end. Especially now that I posted about it. A Lot of 9 Speak and ____s and up for grabs here. In case anyone was wondering where all SK-1s go? This image taken from ClassAElectronics website may give you a clue. Tasty glitches! Thanks to Igloo Martian for the tip.
Lots of SK-1s

7 thoughts on “More Speak and Spells then you know what to do with”

  1. $99 for an optical theremin. wow. i mean if their really selling for that much maybe i need a new job. christ. but somehow i doubt you’d sell very many. it’s still quite a niche market i believe. even this kit’s only $20.
    if you bought parts in bulk and built them on perfboard…much cheaper than $20 a piece. buying simple circuitbent gear like this seems to kill the whole diy spirit of it but i don’t want to start this debate anew on here.

  2. Well not even that. Lately I’ve been noticing quite a decline in the amount of sales on eBay. Sure stuff gets listed, but no one bids on it. At least not like they used to. I think the DIY is in fact responsible for that where more people are building their own instead of buying.

  3. i’ve noticed that, too. or maybe no one can justify spending that kind of money for basically fancy noise making devices. i think the only people making anything interesting are highly liquid because they’re making products to make circuitbent devices more practical. everybody else seems to be just doing the same old shit again and again. with a few exceptions of course.

  4. Diabolical Devices have the worst aesthetic of all this era’s benders- shoddy looking tags and crap colors.

  5. Yeah, I second shrek on Diabolical Devices. It infuriates me to see these schmucks all over eBay – not only are they buying up tons of SKs, thereby contributing to the ridiculous over-inflation of the things, but they then go and turn them all into hideous, generic pieces of garbage.

    Not only are their aesthetics awful (the fact that they equate “abstract art” with the grade 7 remedial art class mauve vomit spray that most of their crap gets coated with is staggering to me), but the bends they’re doing are totally uninnovative and shoddy. Bolt bays? $300?! BOLT BAYS?!

    For sure, this is circuit bending at its worst – instead of building unique instruments using inexpensive, readily available materials (i.e., whatever’s at the local thrift store) and creativity, they churn out homogenous junk and sell it for ridiculous “vintage” prices. The saddest part is that instead of encouraging people to come up with original ideas, learn, and HAVE FUN, DD’s approach contributes to the fetishization of a few select “must-have” items (SKs in particular).

    New benders especially, I fear, may not even realize that you can make amazing things happen with a $2 toy and some elbow grease, instead getting conned by these shysters into thinking that you have to drop hundreds of dollars and get “THE KEYBOARD” to be a circuit bender.

    I know there are tons of people out there doing amazing work and not exploiting the fad status of this art form, and I’m sorry to go on a cynical rampage about this, but seeing Diabolical Devices rake it in and churn it out makes me want to break SKs just so they can’t get their filthy mitts on them.

  6. hey guys. I’m only 15 and getting really interested in circuit bending. I have 2 old keyboards I picked up at the thrift store (Casio PT-100, and Yamaha…whatever.) Unfortunately I haven’t made any bends yet. I dont really even know where to begin. I have the basic knowledge on the subject, but not enough to know what I’m looking for. Can anyone help?? Please contact me at, or find me on facebook

  7. Hey Austin,

    It is great that you are interested in Circuit Bending. Unfortunately the PT-100 is not very good for bending. I tried and there was nothing special that I could get it to do. For starters I would recommend doing an easy pitch bend mod. Search for pitch bend and you will see some examples.

    The Yamaha may be more interesting to bend however.

    Also you should probably get your hands on Circuit Bending book by R.Q. Ghazala. It is a wonderful place to start. Look through all the old articles on getlofi and of course google circuit bending. Good luck.

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