My GeTLoFi modded DMG Gameboy almost complete!

I spent yesterday and a little bit of today doing a massive overhaul on my DMG gameboy. It was half dead when I got it off ebay for $5 with some dead pixel columns, a lot of grimy dirt and some plastic things shoved up its headphone orifice. Well I’ve given it a makeover, and I’m pretty happy with the results, especially for it being my first experience with the modifications I preformed. Sure it’s not all perfect, but I don’t mind: I scratched the lcd when removing the backing foil, performed some shocking dremel work and the dye isn’t consistent.

I’m also waiting on the screen protector for the gameboy and I think I’ll put some cool pattern on the grey boarder of it or something, not sure still.

If I can do this, and do it badly, then anyone can do this.

Modified DMG with:
– dyed golden yellow case and vinyl getlofi sticker stencil
– nonfinite white backlight with on/off switch
– getlofi pitch/clock module control with on/off switch.

here’s some more details about my mod:

here’s a video of it in action:

Thanks GetLoFi

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One thought on “My GeTLoFi modded DMG Gameboy almost complete!”

  1. Nice work Jordan,

    Yes I see you went with different placement for the Potentiometer and the LTC board, more tricky but I’m glad you got it to work. Dremel is the tool for the job!

    Good work on the extruded switch casing, when things don’t go as planned, improvise.

    For your first mod I think this was a smashing success, share some tunes when you get a chance.

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