Noise 567


I’ve been interested in ring modulators for a while now. After failing to make a simple passive one work, I stumbled upon Christian P. Hemmo’s Noise 567. It looked far to simple to be true, but heck it worked like a charm. This little circuit started spitting out noise in no time at all. Higher notes will even be pitch bent. Very cool circuit. Video above is me doing my best imitation of Gearmandude in the demo of the guitar pedal version I built.

16 thoughts on “Noise 567”

  1. Cool, it sounds really sick!

    Well this has complete potential to become the NEXT kit. Just ordered a few of these chips to experiment with. Thanks again.

  2. Seriously? Wow! I’m really excited! When is the lofi delay kit going back into production?

  3. 567 is a great chip with alot of possibilities. I generally add on of these circuits into most of my larger projects. All of escobido’s circuit snippets are great and simple!

    try putting two noise 567s in series 😀

  4. @stolenfat holy crap. That might be more craziness than my brain can handle. :Head explodes:

    @chad gizzard When you’re finished send me sound clips and or pics.

  5. Hey Owen, do you think you could post or email me ( a circuit diagram of how you put together your pedal and where you put yr pots and so forth?

    Im a noob at pedal building and would like some guidance.

    Also what power does the chip run off?

    Thanks man!

  6. i second the request for a quick schematic if possible. This is super great !

  7. Here you guys go:
    It runs off of either a nine volt battery Or(My personal preference) a 9v wall wart power supply. I didn’t use this layout because I made mine on radioshack perforated board(which I use all the time). I put a 1meg ohm pot in place of the photocell, and a 100k pot(wiper lead connected to output jack , left leg connected output from effect, right leg connected to ground) as a volume.

  8. Owen, could you better explain the values of the pots and where to connect them? After reading all the comments and the explanation I can’t figure it out…

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