NES Chip Maestro MIDI Synthesizer Cart

Currently in development an NES cartridge that you can link to any MIDI device. Any order over 50 dollars is a pre-order of the cartridge. For 125 dollars get a “developer” cartridge with access to the internal chips.

It has already reached it’s funded point so you can feel pretty confident this will happen. Lot’s of Love!

Editor’s note: This project has reached the funding goal so its bound to happen, really nice concept. From the video it appears that the MIDI lag times are minimal. Looking forward to the finished product.

5 thoughts on “NES Chip Maestro MIDI Synthesizer Cart”

  1. Well I think that once you have donated a certain amount to the kickstarter page you would get a unit once its in the production. But I’m not sure if there is an online store right now that sells them per se, probably soon though.

  2. Wait, so, if you have to hook it up to a computer in order to utilize it as a tracker, why not just save your money and download FamiTracker?

    Seems really redundant.

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