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The folks at Scion A/V did a nice video featuring Pete Edwards from Casper Electronics.┬áCheck out Pete’s studio- that’s some serious gear he’s packing. This is a great visual walk through of how to bend one of those voice-changing megaphones. Also its worth noting that Pete did some posts on Make:Blog as CasperElectronics and they are all very informative.

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  1. Pete is a good man. Bought a S&M from him before I was even sure I could do this myself. Heard it on a Skeleton Key album. Though delayed, finished it while sick and a day before his birthday. Got it the day after his birthday. Well built better than I have been able to do. Pete and Spunk’s do great lasting works of art. I just fart. But the fun I have with it has a lot to do with Pete, Spunky, and CM. Thanks guys means much. Need to get the hook up on some APC soon. Been doing it the hard way for some time. One that worked well I gave to Spunky. Don’t know if he has it still since I lost contact with him sometime back. I guess I look for the easy way out, but hell, why not get a good product when you need it.

  2. hey shaun.. i remember that speak that pete built. i was impressed by the build and not really sure how he got that box on there like he did. but it was definately an impressionable build to see and how solidly it was built..

    yours wasn’t the only casper instrument i’ve seen in person.. i’ve seen quite a few casper products over the years in various studios.

    easy way out or shortcuts.. sometimes i think it’s important to learn how to do things yourself.. but i’d rather spend cash on a fully capable synth, complicated fx pedal, controllers, or sequencer rather than build things that comes out vaguely resembling those things and focus purely on circuit bending, programming, and music. sometimes you can end up spending much more money and time otherwise. just depends on what else is going on your life..

    i still have that apc you built from 4-5 years ago. i rehoused it and used it quite a bit but haven’t done anything apc related in a long while.

  3. That was easily the most intense video of soldering I’ve ever seen. Cool rig and cool bend.

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