LTC1799 Precision Oscillator

GetLoFi LTC1799 Module Precision Clock Oscillator

The Precision Oscillator is made with the LTC 1799 chip to provide ultra stable clock frequencies from 1Khz to about 30Mhz. The LTC Module can be used to control the speed of all digital circuits, thus providing speed adjust-ability for many toys and devices otherwise un-bendable. Only 3 wires to connect; +5 Volts for power, Ground, and the output wire directly to one side of the clock crystal on the device. These boards are individually tested. Printed Instructions included with each order. Hand-made in USA.

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More Documentation:

Kaossilator Modification.

GameBoy Modification.

SK-5 Installation Flickr for Sam C.

Tested and Found to work great on:

Casio: SK-1, SK-5, SK-100, VA-10, CTK-330, RZ-1, SA-10

Yamaha: SHS-10, VSS-30, QY-10, PSS-20

Nintendo: GameBoy Grey, Color

Zoom: 505 EFX, 508 Digital Delay

Korg: Kaossilator, KP-Mini, ER-1, EA-1

MiJam Mini Toys


Behringer V-Amp, Yamaha RX-17 ( High Pitched Noise )

Example videos:

















85 thoughts on “LTC1799 Precision Oscillator”

  1. Installing this in an SK-1 is basically the same as Gameboy. Cutting if the trace is not necessary it turns out.

  2. Interesting. Any chance someone has pinpointed the location of the SK-1 crystal and would share? I am not content with the sad little pitch bend on the SK-1.

  3. Hi.I want to say thanks you for your helping!!
    And the LTC work with Super speak & spell(blue one) / Speak & Music / Alesis Hr-16 but not with midi / Casio Pt-87 / Vtech Smart desk

  4. hr-16 should work over midi if you cut a trace before the clock input on a microprocessor.

  5. A few things. Firstly, thanks for the great device! Next, the Alesis HR-16 video is down. Lastly, does anyone have a tutorial for installing the LTC1799 Precision Oscillator in the Alesis HR-16 (location of crystal, install instructions step by step, etc)?

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Hi!

    Would like to order 5 LTC 1799 Precision Clock Modules and wondering what it would cost to add the Potentiometer from the LTC 1799 Precision Clock Kit?

    To clearify things, I would like to oder the following:
    5 LTC 1799 Precision Clock Modules
    5 250K Potentiometer
    + shipping to Sweden

    Best regards

  7. Shipping to Sweden is $13 USD. You should probably just order 5 clock kits, those will include the Potentiometer, 250k if you like, and wire, knobs, and trim resistors. Best value!

  8. anyone put one of these oscillators on a casio mt-520?

    the bends are tasty and numerous but pitch control evades me at present..

    or a pcb closeup photo with where the crystal resides??

    lemme know fellas

    thanks for all the afforable fun

    keep up the very goood work

  9. hi,
    it works great on speak and music Texas instrument (musique magique in french !),
    just follow the getlofi explication and you have a great synth !
    crytal rest in place, no problem !
    so easy mod !

    big thanks to getlofi


  10. Cool, anyway you could post some photos of where exactly the LTC was connected. I understand its pretty trivial, but a lot of readers will find that helpful.

  11. where do i wire the power from a gbc to the LTC1799 Precision Oscillator?
    if i get good results, i might sacrifice my few DMG’s for this =]

  12. OK, for the musique magique
    for the power connection, you have connect to ground battery and the positive is connected at the DCin of the chipset, i use 1,2v batteryX4
    like that i have a constant voltage of 4,5v !
    for the crystalclock, there is 3 pins, two in front, one back, in this sense connect to right pin


    have fun

    see my video on youtube

  13. The SA-10 Mod is dope thanks Malte. I like the photo resistor idea. Do you remember the value of it. Light/Dark resistance.

  14. I don’t understand where the switch is connected on a gameboy. could anyone show me a photo of the wiring? or explain how the switch ties in?

  15. @ CM: Sorry, I don’t remember. I just bought four or five different photo resistors and tried out, which fitted best. I think, it also depends on the instrument you’re bending.

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  16. Hiya, It works with Furby’s?? I mean Tiger Electronics Furby toys, I want to change the pitch on mine. Thanks.

  17. Where would I find the clock crystal on the following keyboards?

    – Casio VA-10
    – Yamaha VSS-30
    – Yamaha VSS-200
    – Yamaha PSS-380

    Hope this isn’t asking too much. I see videos everywhere but not a single diagram or snapshot in sight 😛

  18. On almost all circuit boards there are labels for where the components go. The crystal is X1 or Xtal sometimes accompanied by its frequency number.

    If you could post some photos of the circuit board, we certainly can point the Crystal out. Usually its located near the main IC, looks like a White little box, a blue blob, or an oval shaped tiny tin can.

  19. I reversed the polarity on my LTC1799 module and fried the on-board resistor (at least I think it was the resistor; that’s where the little wisp of smoke came from). Does anyone happen to know the value of the resistor so I can try to replace it, or is it likely that I also fried the oscillator IC when I reversed the power poles?

    Luckily I had two modules and successfully installed one into a V Tech Little Smart Kritter’s keyboard. I had to desolder one of the legs of the Xtal to get it to work with my other bends. Sounds great. Thank GetLofI.

  20. It is likely that the IC is also fried. 🙁 However you can send it back to us and we can reuse the PCB. Only costs a stamp.

    The capacitor is 0.1uF and can be removed all together, it is merely there for stability of the LTC when the supply voltages vary during the operation.

  21. what about using the precision oscilator to underclock or overclock cmos and ccd cameras. like them used in cctvs or so. it could be fun!

  22. It may work to a point, the clock in video devices keeps Sync with other video inputs, so if that goes out of timing, then you loose the picture all together. But sometimes you can get the scroll lines, etc.

  23. wondering if the oscillator from a 74C14 would work the same way as the LTC module… any info would be great, i have a lot of smitt triggers and would really like to incorporate them into my bent toys. also made a huge 6 osc schematic and need to know if putting additional outputs as controls for other toys would work? thanks guys

  24. div pin of the ltc1799 is tied to ground in your design. maybe you should redesign the board so it can be connected to +5 or left floating. otherwise lowest possible speed is more like 100khz, not 1khz as advertised. I was gonna use this as a sweepable sample clock in a hardware design, but I can’t do it with your board design.

    well, thanks for turning me on to this cool chip anyway. 🙂

  25. Yes you are correct about that. The way the board is design its always dividing by 1 so it goes to 100Khz lowest. However that seems to give the best range for most devices.

    “The frequency-setting resistor can vary from 3k to 1M to select a master oscillator frequency between 100kHz and 33MHz (5V supply). The three-state DIV input determines whether the master clock is divided by 1, 10 or 100 before driving the output, providing three frequency ranges spanning 1kHz to 33MHz (5V supply). ”

    I could change the design to accommodate that, but more choices would be more confusing for people.

  26. Hey, everytime I turn on the oscillator, my gameboy crashes. Any idea why this happens or how to fix it?

  27. I’m interested in adding an LTC1799 to a MiniKP, and was wondering if the headphone volume control pot could be “repurposed” easily to provide the frequency control. Does anyone know anything about the headphone audio circuit, or what value the pot is (it’s probably audio taper, which could be a drawback)? Has anyone tried this? Is there another way to get a small pot into the MiniKP case?

    Thanks for your time.

  28. Just finished installing one of these into my DMG last saturday and your directions are noob-proof. When I finish my first modded out DMG I’ll let you see it if you like. 🙂 I’ll be doing biz with you again! Thanks!

  29. I’m curious about using a sliding 10k pot for a DMG. Since all I was looking for was a range between half and double the normal clock speed from the original 4k crystal would this suffice or should I get a higher ohm slider and attach resistors to it?

  30. Never mind, found some nice 100k sliding pots which gave me a good range. Tried it out on the LTC1799 kit I just got and it did the job perfectly.

  31. In regards to modifying the HR-16/B clock using an LTC1799 which is the better option and what is the difference between altering the clock point at pin 37 of the ASIC chip in comparison to altering the clock point/s at pin/s 18/19 of the 80C31 MPU chip?

  32. After replacing X1 with a LTC1799 on my Bliptronics 5000, it works but does not respond to the volume, tone, or speed knobs. Also, the note pattern can’t be changed. Do I neeed to put the origional crystal back in? I am using a 22k resistor in line to limit the speed.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  33. Hi
    Just wondered if you had details for modding sounds of Casio RZ-1. I think you gave me some links sometime ago-but they are dead
    Just wondered what EPROM info is needed. size, code type, etc. also a schematic would be good
    Have loads of schemos/stuff to swap-if you need any



  34. Hello!
    How to solder the LTC1799 on a Super Speak and Spell, the one with the blue blob ceramic resonator? And on a Furby 2 from 2005?

  35. When did the new batch will come ? i really need a precision oscillator for my korg ea-1, please tell us !!!!

  36. hey there. was looking for this as well.. but i know you can buy them from circuit benders uk site. was hoping there was a US shipper and their module is on a DIP plug. .

  37. Thanks for the patience, I will have more units over the weekend. New PCBs best design and quality around. Appreciate the support for us makers here in US of A.

  38. Hey there cm,I was just wondering if you
    Or anyone who sees this can
    Recomend a toggle switch that
    Has smooth switching like the switch
    Provided. The ones I’ve tried crash what
    I’m working on when switching the module
    On and off. Thanx

  39. EY IS THERE SOMEBODY HERE??????????? WE NEED A NEW BATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hi everybody!
    Does anybody know if this Modification also works with a Kaoss Pad 3?
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards

  41. Hey Nick, I’m trying to find your order. Please send me an email to circuitmaster at gmail dot com with your confirmation number.

  42. I actually just got it. I could’ve been something with the election perhaps? I don’t know.
    BUT I do have a question involving the switch that this kit came with. Could I remove the Ext. Connector to put the switch in that space? I’m never going to use it so it would be a great little place for it. Thanks.

  43. Wondering when these will be in stock again so I don’t have to order from the UK. Could you shoot me an email when you get some in?

  44. A bit of question. From the LTC kit diagram, the 10K resistor replace the left green wire. But i’m not sure how to add a 100K resistor. Could you please explain more?

  45. Just wanting to know when these will be back in stock? I have exhausted my stock and need some more. : )

  46. I’m trying to buy this kit for a project I need to do, any time I can get one of these?

  47. Any updates on when these will be available? I’m interested in buying 2. Also wondering how different it is setting this up on a Gameboy Color compared to the DMG?

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