Women Take Back The Noise…

…by manufacturing a 1000 unit limited edition CD release package, which is finally available to the public through the WTBTN website. The CD contained features an impressive list of 47 female musicians and noisicians from around the globe. The case itself includes a circuit-bent Noise Cookie assembled one at a time mostly by Ninah Pixie, with help of some friends, who built 1000 of these units in about 6 months. These transparent color storage cases can be played as a noise circuit with touch points controlling on the spot glitching and also an output jack for amplification. A few samples of raunchy sounds can be heard here. This truly impressive project has been 3 years in the making and now is a great time to celebrate this unique accomplishment. Cheers to Ninah and everyone else who contributed for sharing the Noise Cookie Love!

Here is a YouTube video done by DAS demonstrating the Noise Cookie

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