Yamaha YM2413 simple FM Sound generator

What brought this on was the write up at http://circuit-bent.net/pss-270-tutorial.html detailing the trace cutting bend for PSS-270. After researching the chip for a few minutes I learned that it is a Simple FM sound generator that uses an 8-Bit data bus to control all of the registers. Unfortulatelly I couldn’t find a supplier for the chip, but I would be willing to bet that any basic Yamaha keyboard has one. However one thing that is for sure this chip is in the Sega Master System along with a relative of sn76477. Cutting the datalines would get some interesting results for sure, but pumping data into the chip should be quite fun as well. It just so happens that I have a Master System laying around and I am not afraid to gut it. Maybe sometime next week.
Great YM2413 info.

2 thoughts on “Yamaha YM2413 simple FM Sound generator”

  1. if any one is out there. what entails cutting the data lines? is it just adding switches between the points or pins… or do you have to actually cut the data lines on the circuit board? and if so, how? sorry for my innocence.

  2. Hey Ian,

    You actually do have to cut the traces on the board. That’s why this is a sort of a tricky process. Basically you cut the lines and install a switch to bridge them back up.

    In some cases it works well, in others it may not do anything at all. Cheers.

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