Your Friday Circuit Bending Digest

I’m not sure why when there is an important date that is months ahead you always scramble in the last week to get your shit together. Magically somehow it always works out though, so we’ll see.

mvp_ic.jpgVtech Master Painter
Chris sent this in a long time ago, mod points for a Vtech Video Painter. The markings match 1 to 1 by numbers and mainly address the video chip glitching.

Part of Free Music Friday here are is a link to Lights.OnTape and Please Albums. Sample Song.

LED Filled GameBoys. Not Bent but still kinda cool.

…And I will leave you with the always classic Hot Dog Sampler!

5 thoughts on “Your Friday Circuit Bending Digest”

  1. So who bent the touch and tell? I just picked one up, and that picture looks like good information. Where’d it come from?

  2. It was the same guy that emailed me the Video Painter Pics, unfortunately I don’t think there is much more information. I can try emailing him back though.

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